Longevity through
ovarian health

We are developing first-in-class therapeutics to improve ovarian function and consequently extend female healthspan. We are dedicated to elevating the broader conversation around women’s health, and to building a coalition to drive this vision forward.

Age-related decline in ovarian function leads to adverse health outcomes in women across the board. Oviva aims to extend healthspan in women through developing novel therapeutics that target ovarian function and longevity.

Ovaries age asynchronously
relative to the rest
of the body

Ovaries show signs of aging decades before other tissues, putting women at a distinct disadvantage.

Loss of ovarian function negatively impacts health, well-being and longevity, leading to adverse health outcomes in women.

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The ovarian reserve dictates timing of menopause

The ovarian reserve, which contains all the eggs a woman is born with, is depleted over time. As this finite pool decreases, ovarian function declines, ultimately resulting in menopause.

Ovarian health and function is linked to longevity

Women who go through menopause later tend to live longer, as do their male siblings.
And women who enter menopause early tend to have shortened lifespans.

Using rigor and evidence based medicine

Oviva is addressing the fundamental causal factors of ovarian aging to preserve function and extend healthy lifespan in women.

Hear from our Founders

“For too long, our health care system has overlooked women’s health, including menopause. Menopause triggers a number of negative health conditions - including an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, loss of bone density, immune dysfunction, declines in neurocognitive health, and a host of other maladies. By supporting ovarian function we aim to reduce the negative health consequences associated with the onset of menopause, thereby extending healthspan for women.”

Daisy Robinton, PhD
CEO & Co-Founder of Oviva Therapeutics