Oviva Therapeutics Appoints Rachel Rimsky Rubin as Chief Operating Officer

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September 12, 2023

NEW YORK, September 12, 2023 — Oviva Therapeutics, a premier biotech company dedicated to addressing the vast unmet need in women’s health by developing first-in-class therapeutics to preserve ovarian function and consequently extend female healthspan, today announced the appointment of Rachel Rimsky Rubin as its new Chief Operating Officer (COO), effective as of September 5, 2023.

Rubin joins Oviva with nearly a decade of experience developing the business operations and strategy of early stage biotech organizations, working from her foundation in investment management. She brings with her a proven track record of designing and implementing operational structures and strategy in dynamic biotechnology and healthcare technology companies that support and accelerate execution of the business vision.

Prior to joining Oviva, Rubin served as Vice President of Investments and Programs at Roivant Social Ventures. Before that, she led business operations and talent acquisition for Roivant Health, a subsidiary of Roivant Sciences that incubates new healthcare technology and biotechnology businesses. Earlier in her career, Rubin worked as Vice President of the Alternative Investments and Manager Selection business at Goldman Sachs, and she held hedge fund investment roles at financial institutions GAM and Deutsche Bank. Rachel holds a B.S. from Cornell University.

"We are thrilled to welcome Rachel Rimsky Rubin to the Oviva team as our first Chief Operating Officer," said Daisy Robinton, Co-Founder and CEO of Oviva Therapeutics. "Her exceptional leadership and expertise will undoubtedly propel us forward as we navigate this critical juncture of growth and innovation. We believe her addition to our leadership team will significantly accelerate our mission to transform women's health."

In her role, Rubin will build infrastructure and implement company strategy to usher Oviva through its next phase of growth. She will lead global operations and work collaboratively with Oviva’s cross-functional team to formulate and implement company objectives. Rubin will play a key role in ensuring Oviva’s preclinical and programmatic goals are translated into operational procedures and will work alongside Oviva’s CEO to continue building the Oviva team in parallel to the business’ growth.

“I am thrilled to join the Oviva team at this exciting time for the business. We are building and scaling Oviva’s business as we pursue development of medicines that will support women throughout each stage of their lives,” said Rubin. “I am passionate about increasing women’s success with IVF - and, importantly - giving women agency over their health. Our work at Oviva directly targets these areas and I could not be more excited to work on this mission.”

The appointment of Ms. Rubin signifies an exciting chapter in Oviva’s journey, aligning seamlessly with Oviva’s commitment to initiate a new era of women’s health that is informed by foundational biomedical research and innovative therapeutics development to extend ovarian function and female healthspan, paired with advocacy to broaden the reach of the findings and of the therapeutics developed. To learn more please visit www.ovivatx.com.  

About Oviva Therapeutics

Oviva Therapeutics, Inc., a Cambrian Bio PipeCo, is a biotechnology company dedicated to addressing the vast unmet need in women’s health by driving biomedical research and clinical development of first-in-class therapeutics aimed at preserving ovarian function and extending female healthspan. We are engaging with scientists, clinicians, policy makers and the general public to elevate the conversation around women’s health and galvanize advocacy in this field. In bringing together stakeholders across disciplines, we are inviting diverse perspectives and skill sets to drive innovation and progress in this space. For more information, please visit https://www.ovivatx.com/ or follow us on LinkedIn.

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